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Bus Exit Alert Sign


Bus Exit Sign Description

The BUS COMING Sign is a self contained system that warns pedestrians of buses, shuttles, and tranports exiting from stations. When a transport is detected, the BUS COMING SIGN activates a Visual Flashing Alert and a Voice Message stating “Attention, bus exiting. Watch for buses.” The alert system works to warn distracted pedestrians and drivers of the dangers of large vehicles vs pedestrian. 









Bus Safety Made Automatic

Bus Coming Sign Information

Bus Station

Bus Stations are busy places with many people coming and going without paying attention. Instead of being focused on there safety they are focused on their electronics.



Shuttle Stops

If you to wish to warn riders at a bus stop of a bus coming, the PASS Signs has some unique technology to do that. Get riders ready to get on the bus quicker and avoid accidents around your stops by warning that the bus will be arriving in the next 10 seconds.



Specifications: BUS COMING Sign

  • Wall mounted – 2-Sided
  • >180 Degree view
  • 40″ Height  x 8″(sides)
  • Hammered Copper Finish
  • Power In: 110VAC – 277VA or 12VDC 5A
  • Lighting: LED Modules
  • Letters: BUS COMING
  • Alert: Flashing Yellow
  • Severe weather resistance
  • 14AWG Steel

Specifications: PSC Control Board

Watch the PSC Controller video under the Documentation Tab

  • Activation Timer: 5 – 60 seconds
  • Delay before Activation Timer: 0- 15 seconds
  • (2) 12VDC Steady Output
  • (2) 12VDC Flashing Output
  • 12VDC Auxiliary Power for triggering devices
  • Voice Board with 10W Amplifier
  • Volume Control
  • 40W Internal Speaker

Tandem Sign for Wide Exits

If your bus exit 2 lanes or more wide than you may need a second sign on the other side of the exit. Synched from a single control.

Tandem-Alert Signs

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Deactivation Audio Timers

If you have nearby residential this timer can be added to turn off/on the audio at designated times.

On-Off Timer

On-Off Timer

Vehicle Motion Detectors

Used to trigger the activation of the sign. Best for two-way traffic when you want to detect the direction of travel.

Vehicle motion detector

Vehicle Motion Detector

Vehicle Beam Trigger

Beam detectors are a reliable triggering device for one-way traffic lanes that do not have pedestrians walking through the area.

Vehicle Beam Detector


Vehicle Loop Detection

Loops detectors are the most reliable and efficient way to detect vehicles and triggering your Alert System.

Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle Loop Detector

External Aux Speakers

On really noisy streets sometimes you need a boost of audio. An external speaker will supplement to counter the noise. At night this speaker can be turned off when noise dies down.

Pedestrian Warning Speaker

External Speaker

Visually Impaired Pedestrian
hearing impaired pedestrian

ADA Designed Signs for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

Every warning systems we manufacture has a audible and a clear visual indicator to provide the visual and hearing impaired pedestrians the opportunity to be warned.

Imagine you are walking down a busy sidewalk with your eyes closed. You suddenly hear a  warning beep coming from somewhere. What does it mean? Is it a truck backing up?

We recommend you select the Voice Alert option. This will allow the visually impaired to hear the message, “Attention vehicles exiting. Watch for vehicles.”

CAR COMING Sign Datasheet & A&E Spec


CAR COMING Installation and Controller Guide

How to use the PSC Controller

I have nearby residential, is there a way to turn off the sound at night?

Yes! We can install a Timer Board that turns off the Voice Alert at a designated time. Example turn off at 10pm and turn back on at 7am. It is easy enough for you to change the times yourself.

Do you do installations?

No we do not. We work with your installation company to ensure a smooth installation. Most of our customers use their parking, alarm, electrician, or maintenance personnel to install. We make it easy to install.

How do I buy one of these?

Just ask us for a quote, or you can visit one of our Distributor website like Also visit our distributors page to find a Distributor/Installation company near you.

I have a very wide exit and can I put a sign on either side?

Yes we call this a Tandem System. We recommend if you have two or more lanes exiting, you should add another sign body. The key here is that only one sign needs a control board. This will allow both signs flashing and audio to synch with each other.

Can I change the Audio Alert Message?

Yep. The audio is stored on our VM-1 Audio Board. The VM-1 has a micro usb connection (android phone cable). You can record your own MP3 file and label 001.mp3 then connect to the VM-1 and replace the existing file. We recommend keep the message around 5 seconds. The board will replay the sound file for as long as the sign is active.

How does the sign detect a car?

The sign itself does not detect a car. A Triggering Device is connected to the sign. Usually a Triggering Device is either a parking gate, roll-up door, vehicle sensor, or motion detector. Look under the accessories tab for some choice. We can design it up for you so there is no guess work. Send us some pictures of your exit lanes.

Bus Exit Coming Sign

Need pricing? Let us get you a quote.

We want to ensure you have exactly what you need for your application. So give us an email or call and tell us what you need.  However, we want to give you a good start at pricing.

Budgetary Pricing: $1550 – $2070

Factors that affect price is quantity, configuration, and accessories

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Airport Shuttle   –  City Buses  – Taxi Vans

Wide exits of Bus Stations – Tandem System

 The Engineering is Done!

All PASS Signs come fully equipped with a PASS Controller built internally into the sign enclosure. The PASS Controller provides a complete control system without having to purchase a separate enclosure and control devices.

Alert Timers

Voice Alert Board with Volume Control

Built-In or External Speaker

Relay outputs

Trigger Input (Normally Open Dry)

12VDC Auxiliary Power for loop detectors and motion detectors

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