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What is a Petextrian

31 Mar

What is a Petextrian?

A Petextrian is a new danger walking the sidewalks and parking lots of the world. A pedestrian texting or focused solely on their phone that their are oblivious to their surroundings. They become a danger to themselves and others around them.

For those old enough to remember Sony Walkman their was a big scare in the 1980’s with kids and adults putting on their headphones and walking down the street without a car to the world. However, it has been shown that people are even less attentive when their eyes are drawn away than their hearing.

Dangers of Petexting?

It’s not just the danger to the person who is committing petexting on a busy street or parking lot, it is a danger to drivers who may have to swerve, to bicyclists, and even to other pedestrians who may inadvertenly have to step into the street.

Petextrians Ticketing

I believe it will come to a point when the police or local law enforcement will start ticketing Petextrians for inattentiveness. I know I am guilty when I am at a tradeshow in an unfamiliar town and I using my GPS on my phone, while walking, to find where a restaurant is.

GPS, Phones, and other Electronics while walking

It’s just not phones anymore. We have all seen the dangers of the “Take your game pad anywhere” Systems out there. There is no doubt this will cause some deaths in the near future leading to court cases and litigation.

Avoiding dangers of Petextrians on your property

If you are concerned about the pedestrians on your sidewalk around your property, then check out our products. We help to warning those that are engrossed in their mobile devices of dangers around them.

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