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NSC: 500 Deaths – 60,000 Injured Every Year in Parking Garages

30 Mar
Parking Deaths on the Rise

Parking facilites locations for hundreds of deaths according to the National Safety Council

Up to two-thirds of drivers are distracted as they are pulling into parking garages and shopping centers. Creating 1/5th of all vehicle accidents happening in parking facilities. Parking deaths and injuries have increased 12% in just a single year.

Parking Deaths

With 60,000 injured and 500 deaths the leading reason seems to be mobile devices.

See this report from CBS NEWS.



With the rise of deaths and accidents will it be a time when police have to intervene and start ticketing pedestrians when they are texting.

Parking Owners and what they can do

Just simple signs can often help in elevators, elevator lobbies, and common walkways for pedestrians.
Signs that read “Don’t Text and Walk. It could be your life.”