Saving Lives & Preventing Accidents 24/7

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Pedestrian Alert Safety Signs (PASS) manufactures systems that will alert pedestrians of vehicles exiting your parking garages, lots, driveways/alleyways and loading docks using voice audio & flashing light signals.

Save lives and prevent accidents 24/7.

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Sign vs System

PASS is different because we provide a PASS Controller with our products. This turns your SIGN into a SYSTEM providing a multitude of functions!

Customer Testimonials

  • “This system is easy to install in about two hours. Everything came pre-wired and operates perfectly. Thanks PASS Signs.”

    Damon - Freedom Electric

  • “It totally made sense for us to do this. We have a parking garage exit right on the sidewalk. We had way too many close calls including a biker that hit the front of the car and went over. This eliminates so much risk.”

    Doug - Paramount Property

  • “Thanks Jeff for always being there to answer any questions.”

    Luke - City of Santa Rosa

PASS Signs alerts pedestrians for the City of Des Moines, IA.